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Assigning, managing and monitoring authorizations

With a good authorization structure you can improve the security and internal control of your ERP environment.

Authorization Box is designed and developed by IT auditors and provides a more manageable and controllable Dynamics NAV environment. With this cloud solution, the time-consuming en complex authorization process belongs to the past.
Authorization Box is the all-in authorization solution for simple and fast setup, management and monitoring of authorizations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Assigning authorizations

Using the role generator in Authorization Box, you can create pure roles within Dynamics NAV. The generator will take duplication records and indirect rights into account. The recorded roles remain efficient and clear.

These roles (or permission sets), can be adjusted manually at any time. The role generator not only saves you time on the initial installation, but also on maintaining the permission sets and functions.

Managing authorizations

In Authorization Box, authorizations can be managed quickly and easily in a visual organizational chart. In this chart, permission sets can also be assigned to user profiles. These permissions must first be approved by the management or internal controller.

Changes to the organization chart can then be made quickly and easily. You can also assign temporary tasks or permissions to employees (during (maternity) leave)

Monitoring authorizations

The monitoring functionality provides a clear insight into the segregation of duties in Dynamics NAV. It also shows you the quality of the authorizations. 

You have immediate insight into the authorizations and possible conflicts of users within your organization. You also have a clear overview of the authorizations and you can see who granted authorizations and when.  This enables you to account, internally and externally, and demonstrate that you are in control. 

Advantages Authorization Box

Built-in IT-audit knowledge

Software solution developed with the needed IT-audit background. So the application meets all your wishes and requirements.

Quick Return On Investment

Because of the simplicity and speed of the authorization process and management, you can quickly recover your costs.

No customization required

Installing and implementating without the need of customization.

No performance issues

The use of Authorization Box has no impact on the performance of your Dynamics NAV environment.

Applicable on your NAV environment

Authorization Box is compatible with Dynamics NAV version 2013R2 up to the most recent version NAV2018.

Secured cloud solution

The application runs on a secure cloud environment and communicates through a save and secured webservice with Dynamics NAV.

Quick and easy activation 

You'll receive log-in data that allows you to start immediately on any device.

Management in-control

Authorization Box supports the full authorization cycle, internal control will be improved in no time. 

Free software demo Authorization Box

Curious? On the right you will get a first impression of Authorization Box.

Do you have questions about assigning, managing en monitoring authorizations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Request a demo free of charge and whithout obligation. We will then demonstrate Authorization Box to your specific questions and wishes.

Authorization Box license fee

Authorization Box subscription license fee

  • Premission set generator
  • User Management
  • SoD Monitoring
  • 3 database connections
  • 5 users accounts (Authorization Box users)
  • Unlimited number of Dynamics NAV users

€1450 per year

The complete solution for authorizations

Authorize on field - dataset level

  1. ''Waterproof segregation of duties''.
  2. Refining the authorization up to field- and dataset level.
  3. Adjustable on user and role level.

one time fee

full authorization cycle

Our software suite consists of Authorization Box, Field security and Mandatory fields.

Together it offers user-friendly support for the full authorization cycle: design - build - refine - manage - monitor. This ensures total security and control of Dynamics NAV.


Field validation

  1. Enhancing the internal data quality.
  2. Apply field validation by using filters.
  3. Different types of errors and warnings.
  4. Applicable on user and user group level.


one time fee


Do you have a question? Get in touch with one of our IT audit professionals. We are pleased to help you.