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The IT audit services of 2-Control

The IT auditors of 2-Control carry out IT audits and advise on the management of IT systems, the set-up of your IT organisation, data security and privacy (GDPR).

All our IT auditors are CISA certified (Certified Information System Auditor) and can therefore carry out IT audits abroad. They all have many years of experience in carrying out IT audits in both large and medium-sized companies as well as (semi) government bodies. The investment in our team and our services, combined with our experience, enables us to advise and support you at a high level by obtaining certainty about data security and privacy.

We can support you with IT audits for your own organization, resulting in a report of findings, or in providing assurance reports for third parties.


Privacy (GDPR)

Since 25 May 2018, the new European privacy legislation has been in force. Do you want to know whether you comply with the legal regulations for the protection of personal data?

We use the Privacy Control Framework (PCF) to test the compliance level of your organization against GDPR and give you an opinion in the form of an assurance statement.

From advice to audits

'We help organizations to improve their internal control and data security by advising and conducting audits. Whether it concerns a privacy or assurance issue, we will be happy to help you. Our approach is characterised by our pragmatic and personal approach.

Want to know more? We are happy to talk to you!'

Data security

Data security is crucial for every organization. It is therefore becoming increasingly necessary for organizations to demonstrate to various stakeholders that they have organized their data security properly.

2-Control can demonstrate the quality of your data security by conducting audits in the areas of ISAE 3402 and SOC2

Advantages IT audit

The advantages of an IT audit

Developments in the field of computerization have accelerated. More and more processes are being (further) digitized, IT hosting is shifting to the cloud and organizations are outsourcing more to shared service centers. The control of IT processes is therefore becoming increasingly important.

By having an IT audit carried out, you get:

  • Insight into your business risks;
  • Advice on the management of these risks;
  • Improved data quality through analysis;
  • Improved services through analysis and
  • improved awareness of information security.
IT audit approach 2-Control

Our IT audit approach

  1. Pre audit
    After making agreements about the objective, scope and depth of the audit, we perform a pre audit (baseline measurement). In this, our IT auditors map out the extent to which your organization meets certain standards.

  2. Taking measures
    As a result of our pre audit, you implement the necessary measures yourself to better protect your systems against external abuse.

  3. Final audit
    Once the previous phases have been completed, the final audit is carried out.

  4. Reporting
    We provide a clear and transparent assurance report with our findings and recommendations. The report is a prescribed standardised report. 

Our specific IT audit approach for SOC 2 and ISAE 3402 can be found on the product pages of these audits.


Do you have a question? Get in touch with one of our IT audit professionals. We are pleased to help you.