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Welkom nieuwe collega

I'm Yeray Cabello, a Spanish developer living in the Netherlands since the beginning of 2016, I joined 2-control exactly five years after coming to the country.

As a self-taught developer really interested in the academic works behind software development and depending on who you ask, I’m an impostor of a buccaneer scholar (it’s a thing I didn’t make up, I swear).

Been investigating the way computers work as much as the inner gears of the human mind, trying to find a connection point that helps us develop software that can do the job, keeps the business running and can be understood and maintained by our feeble brains.

I find projects of enterprise development exciting as they are the ropes that pulls business together, they are about mapping human thought and machine algorithms, which is why 2-control sparked my interest.

On the personal, I’m the father of two sets of twins, a husband to an amazon queen, a walker for three dogs, an avid reader, a bit of a melomaniac, a cinephile and ultimately someone that doesn’t know when to stop talking.

And about that, time to close up and hoping to get to know you soon!

2-Control B.V.

Haagsemarkt 1
4813 BA Breda
T: +31 (0) 76 50 194 70


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