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Directions EMEA 2022 recap

Directions EMEA 2022 recap

And just like that, Directions EMEA is already one week behind us. And what great times we had!

After a smooth and climate friendly ride with the ICE, our commercial and management teams arrived in Hamburg last Tuesday night. Together with the Microsoft leaders and thousands of people in the Dynamics community, we kicked off Wednesday morning with the classic Dynamics keynote experience, during which we were prepared for three days full of learning, networking, and enjoyment.

From that point onwards, the days were chock-full of meeting old and new partners, customers, other ISVs, and of course flaunting our authorization software suite in quick ten-minute demos at each coffee corner we could find.

We were grateful to have met up with multiple new ERP partners, eager to unlock the power of easy authorization management upon their customer bases. Grateful were we as well to meet many friendly faces from our most trusted partners on the congress floors once again, exchanging knowledge and experiences from the Dynamics ecosystem. And finally, both our company partners enjoyed two full days of knowledge sessions, deep diving into what the Dynamics development community has in store for next year and beyond. This all while enjoying the friendly Hamburger climate and some classic cuisine to top it off.

It was great to have met up with the most creative and intelligent lot of the Dynamics community once more and we are looking forward to doing so again next year in France. Danke!


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