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Welcome new colleagues

2-Control welcomes two (!) new colleagues in its team! Sjoerd Notenboom started as Junior IT-audit/consultant and Arjan Crielaard is now working for us as Lead Developer!

Sjoerd Notenboom

My name is Sjoerd Notenboom. I am working as a Junior IT-audit/consultant since February 2022. In this position I support the different audit and consultancy projects that are running within 2-Control.

I live in Tilburg and am currently still studying at Tilburg University. I started in 2017 with the bachelor Economics and Business Economics. In the meantime I have completed this course. In September 2021 I started with the master program Information Management, which I am currently finishing. During the master Information Management the focus is on optimizing different information systems and IT processes within an organization.

I like to fill my free time with reading a book, having a nice meal or doing sports every now and then.

I have been working at 2-Control for 3 months now. In this time I have already been able to learn a lot and see a lot. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more in my time at 2-Control!

Arjan Crielaard

My name is Arjan Crielaard and I'm working at 2-Control since May 1, 2022 as lead developer.

I live (still) in Zundert but I will move soon. I have 3 children: Elle (18), Lucas (14) and Thomas (11). After conquering an internship at Philips in 1996, I was offered a job there and accepted it. Over the next five years I worked at Philips, Compaq and Microsoft. After living in Ireland for a while with 3 dogs (Baloo, Akela and Bagheera) I returned to the Netherlands and started working as a freelancer. In the 20 years that followed I did a lot of great projects and improved a lot of things for banks (ING, Rabo and ABN-AMRO), GP's (NGH Alert) and (semi) governments (AIVD, CAK, KLPD, etc).

I play various musical instruments and I also sing. You can find me on and also on spotify. I also have an extensive film collection for those lonely evenings (ahem) and I'm always up for a gig here and there.

At 2-control I hope to find a new home to build something beautiful that will stand the test of time. As a developer, terms like SOLID, Agile and SCRUM are very important to me. Transparent coding is a must for stable, future-proof code!



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