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Welcome on board!

Even in these sunny summer days we continue to grow! In the month of August, our team expanded with two (!) new colleagues. Flora Maimati started as a Test automation engineer on August 1st and Jan Scheurwater joined our team as a Product Owner since this month. They introduce themselves to you here:

Flora Maimati

My name is Flora and I am working at 2-Control as Test automation engineer since August 1,2022.

I am living in Breda with my family since the end of 2019, before I was in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) about 7 years, worked in Emirates Airline Group after I graduated from the University. Then in Nederland I completed one-year SDET (Software development engineer in test) training course in the United Coder LLC and made 8 months fulltime internship with Selenium Master LLC.

I like traveling, taking photos, collecting different cultural events and currencies.

At 2-Control I wish to apply my technical knowledge on my test automation work, of course there are still a lot to learn, and I have already started learning totally new programming language with the 2-Control team. Hello tomorrow!

Jan Scheurwater

My name is Jan Scheurwater and I work at 2-Control since mid-August 2022 as Product Owner. I live in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht together with my wife Saskia and my two children Esmee (7) and Jesse (3). My hobbies are soccer, movies/series and photography. Especially the last hobby is doing well with my family where I am often enthusiastically greeted with: "Not that camera again!"

After I completed my studies in Computer Science and Information Science at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, I started working at RPO ICT Solutions in 2004. Here I worked for 16.5 years on the ERP package Freshng Advanced that focuses on the vegetable and fruit market (the AGF market). I started as a developer and from there grew to Team Leader/Product Owner and later to Manager of the Management Department. In 2021 the Freshng package was taken over by Pantheon Automatisering and here I worked for another 1.5 years as Team Leader/Product Owner.

After 18 years of working on the same package, it was time for a new challenge and recently I started working on the Authorization Box, which I really enjoy. I hope that together with the team I can create an even better/ more user-friendly product.


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