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2-Control exists 15 years! Thanks for your trust!

2-Control was founded in 2006 by Arno Mouwen and in that same year Rogier Haest joined the company. Under the leadership of Rogier and Arno, 2-Control has grown into an enthusiastic team of 17 driven professionals who have become the audit specialist in the field of IT audit and Microsoft Dynamics for 15 years now.

Unfortunately, the COVID19 measures mean that we cannot (yet) celebrate our anniversary together. We hope to be able to toast 15 years of 2-Control together with you at a later date.

We would like to thank all our customers and partners for their trust in us and hope to continue to advise and support you for many years to come!


Arno: "15 years of 2-Control. I can hardly believe it myself. Looking back, I realize that it was the right decision at the time, but I also realize that I could never have achieved this without the help of Maja, Hans and Rogier. It feels like a family and I hope that all the employees feel the same way.I am proud of everyone and hope to be able to build the company for a long time to come."

Rogier: "What I like about 2-Control is the dynamics: no day is the same because of the many different types of customers and assignments. In addition, it is fantastic to have brought this company together with Arno to where we are now and that only tastes like more! I am very proud of our team and what we have achieved in recent years and I am looking forward to continuing our growth. On to the next 15 years!"


Do you have a question? Get in touch with one of our IT audit professionals. We are pleased to help you.