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New release Compliance Apps for Business Central

New April 2021 release: v.2.1.20210401.0

With this release we have fixed existing issues and added new functionality.


  • All our compliance apps are now compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 1 2021 (BC18);
  • The version number of the extensions is now in accordance with Microsoft rules. The new version is: v.2.1.20210401.0 based on the year, release wave, date and hotfix number;
  • The web services have been expanded for the link with The Authorization Box;
  • In preparation for additional functionalities in the Authorization Box, technical adjustments have been made;
  • Translation issues have been resolved.

Compliance Field Security

  • A field security only applies to users with a permission set associated with the secure fields. If, in addition to the linked permission set, a user has other sets with modification rights to the table that is not linked to the field security, the field security no longer applies to this user. In the old situation this was already the case with only insert rights in the permission set;
  • A filter security only applies to users with a permission set that is linked to the set filter rules. If, in addition to the linked permission set, a user has other non-linked sets with insert, change, or delete rights on the table, the filter security no longer applies to this user;
  • The summary field security per source and filter security per source has been optimized. With this functionality you can easily generate an overview including the users who are linked to the security settings. The Authorization Box also uses this information so that it can be shown within the analysis results for critical authorizations;
  • Filter security by type of visibility has been made possible in more places;
  • Problems with loading the default device have been resolved.

Compliance Field Validation

  • In a field validation, a related table can be used in the conditions. Now the trigger is no longer run by default when the field is updated in this related table. It is possible to change this in the conditions via the option "Perform validation on changes in related table";
  • When validating standard dimensions, the current value of dimensions is now also displayed in the validation results for a better understanding of the error;
  • Within regular expressions the column Standard notification has been added to clarify validation results.

In the webportal you can download the objects or request a trial version: Compliance Field Security and Compliance Field Validation.


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