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Roadmap 2-Control

Roadmap 2-Control

We are continuously working on the improvement of existing and new functionalities of our authorization software for Microsoft Dynamics. All aimed at simplifying and improving the security and control of Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

2-Control and Dynamics 365

The latest successes in conversion to extensions have been made, making us with Authorization Box, Field Security and Field Validation now compatible with Dynamics 365 Business Central for both on-premises and cloud environments.

In addition, we continue to support Dynamics NAV. Regardless of the Microsoft Dynamics version, our authorization software remains available. 

Development 2-Control

Based on our own experiences and those of our customers, we continue to implement functional improvements. By updating every two weeks, optimizations in Authorization Box are realized quickly. Updates are announced via notifications in the application and implemented at night. 

We continue to innovate in order to further simplify and enrich the complex process of authorizations in Microsoft Dynamics. Existing functionalities will be enhanced and new ones will be added, making the security and control of Microsoft Dynamics increasingly accessible and user-friendly for every organization. Check out our roadmap below. 

Roadmap 2-Control

Stay up-to-date

Depending on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV version used, a choice can be made for a suitable 2-Control solution. If you want to keep the impact on your authorization structure in Microsoft Dynamics to a minimum, we advise you to always upgrade to the latest 2-Control release in time. Are you going to upgrade to a new Dynamics version or are you already a customer and not yet working with the latest 2-Control release? Let us know and we will help you out. 

Do you have questions about our authorization software for Dynamics 365 Business Central or about our roadmap? Heeft u vragen over onze autorisatiesoftware voor Dynamics 365 Business Central of suggesties voor de 2-Control roadmap? Feel free to leave a message.


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