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Authorization Box is renewed en improved

NAV 2-Controlware™ is the basis of our products. After ten years, our finance and control suite consists out of eight modules and is being used internationally by many Dynamics NAV users.

In 2015 we translated our authorization modules into the cloud solution as you know it today: Authorization Box. This is the ideal environment for authorization issues: from designing and building to managing and monitoring the authorizations in Dynamics NAV.

Customers have been asking us for new functionality and technology doesn’t stand still either. That’s why we’ve started with rebuilding Authorization Box. We want to provide all current and new Authorization Box users with existing as well as new functionality. In addition we will further develop Authorization Box according to your requirements.

Future proof

IT, control and audit have been in development for years. Our ambition is to provide the technical and functional solution for all issues in this workfield. This requires a solid foundation.

For this reason, we have completely rebuilt Authorization Box on the basis of best practice techniques. This means that our authorization software for Microsoft Dynamics is and will remain future proof.

Why a new version

Authorization Box has more than 350 organizations who activaly use the application. They use our managing and monitoring functionality on a daily basis.

In terms of functionality, technology and user-friendliness, we are working hard on an increasingly better solution. Think of a different look&feel, a workflow with more extensive approval and new monitoring functionality.

We have a long list of requirements for which we don’t consider the current Authorization Box suitable anymore. With the new version we can realize these requests quickly for you.

What's new

The new version of Authorization Box has, in addition to the well-known existing functionality, a large number of new functionalities:

  1. A completely new and modern user interface, fully responsive and usable on every device.
  2. Data is not retrieved from Dynamics NAV in real time, but by synchronisation at planned times, which makes the application much faster.
  3. The approval flow has been improved and expanded. It has become more flexible for the authorization requests. In addition, the approval has now also been extended to other components such as organizational roles.
  4. Stable and reliable hosting in Microsoft Azure.
  5. Notifications that give you faster up-to-date information about your authorizations.
  6. Improvements in the assessment process of authorization monitoring.
  7. More flexible setup of critical authorizations, based on the standard we provide, that allows you to analyze exactely what you need.
  8. Clearer feedback for users.
  9. Easier installation.
  10. Very user-friendly, so that the application can almost be used immediately by new users.
  11. Easy migration with the 2-Control migration script.

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