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These were the NAV TechDays 2017

Every year in November, Microsoft Dynamics NAV engineers and other interested people from all over the world come together during a few days in Antwerp, Belgium  for the NAV TechDays. This is the conference where Microsoft demonstrates the latest developments in NAV. 2-Control was also present this year as usual.

Our modules always comply with the latest version of Dynamics NAV and the NAV TechDays offer us the best opportunity to stay informed about the latest developments , in order to be able to keep our software up to date.

The new Programming

The classic programming within the integrated Dynamics NAV Development Environment is making place for Visual Studio Code. The extensions on ''default'' NAV are evolving from an Object set to be integrated in the solution, to independent Apps which can be installed according to the customers wishes. This offers an even more simple integration of our software in the solutions of our partners and customers then we already have now. Apart from this, also within NAV there is an obvious shift towards online solutions with Dynamics 365, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Also these developments are monitored closely by 2-Control and will be applied to our own software as soon as they are available.

Bronze sponsor

Except for staying up to date on the technique behind Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its successor Dynamics 365, the NAV TechDays also provide an excellent opportunity for 2-Control to be clearly present for our customers and partners as a sponsor of this event and to establish new contacts in the world of Dynamics. Our booth was frequently visited by interested NAV users and developers.

Authorization Box

After visiting this conference and attending the interesting sessions, we are inspired to apply the latest techniques in the Dynamics NAV solutions offered by us. Also for our own cloud solution, Authorization Box, the new developments offer good opportunities to improve the integration with Dynamics NAV even further.

Do we meet again on 22 November 2018?


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