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Enhanced performance SoD monitoring

Authorization Box runs in the cloud so it is accessible from everywhere for every authorized user. At the moment you login to Authorization Box and you request data, this data is retrieved real-time form your Dynamics NAV database.

Authorization monitoring Dynamics NAV

When you analyse access permissions and conflicts with the SoD monitoring feature, a large amount of data is sent over the secured connection between the cloud and your company database. This might cause a delay before the requested data is presented in Authorization Box.

We solved this problem by optimizing the data exchange. From now on, Authorization Box offers full and incremental synchronization of the authorization setup. In addition, the Authorization Box also works in non-synchronized manner, i.e. retrieve the authorization setup for every analysis.

Quick analyses authorizations

With synchronization the requested information is available immediately for analysis of authorizations and conflicts in assignment. This data is also used for presenting and managing the authorization setup from Authorization Box in Dynamics NAV. All traffic runs over a SSL-secured connection, ensuring the highest grade of security.

Just like other functionality, synchronization in Authorization Box can be configured to your needs, e.g. a full sync in the weekend, incremental during working hours and manually before you start an analysis.

Flexibility is the basis of the application. Authorization Box gives you answers to questions regarding your authorization setup in a fast and easy manner.

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