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Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

To ensure the quality of our products we decided to get the highest possible accreditation for our software: Certified for Microsoft Dynamics, also known as CfMD.


This highest possible accreditation is granted by VeriTest- Lionbridge. There are several tracks to follow to pass the certification tests. We have chosen for the Application Services Track.

Certification process Microsoft Dynamics

To pass the test of this certification process we got provided with prove of test and use of several customers and Microsoft partners. Hereby we would like to thank the customers and partners who cooperated and helped us getting the certification.
The certification even proofs that our product is tested according to the Microsoft-cooperation guidelines which are set for Independent software vendors (ISV's).

We passed all test and we are proud to offer you the highest quality standard possible.


Do you have a question? Get in touch with one of our IT audit professionals. We are pleased to help you.