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10 years anniversay 2-Control

10 years ago Arno Mouwen decided to join forces with Hans Suerink and translate the collective knowledge and experience into their own vision. A vision that is propagated by the name, 2-Control. That same year, 2006, Rogier Haest Haest joined the team.

The period leading up to 2016 has been unparalleled for the company, with beautiful moments and a steady growth. 10 years after the start, 2-Control is set in a beautiful characteristic office in Breda and works with a team of 8 employees.

Up to the next 10 years

The past 10 years were both good bad times. But above all, we have always worked with pleasure and passion. Thursday 30th of June we invited family, friends and relations to celebrated this 10th anniversary and to bring a toast to the next 10 years.

The environment we work in is one with continuous change and we adapt to it. We keep our knowledge and know-how up to date and maintain the high quality standard of our products.

We're looking forward to sustain the success of the past 10 years and to serve our customers and partners with the same passion and energy we used to do.


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