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2-Control has teamed up with Dynamics partner Abecon

A collaboration that started several years ago is now being intensified because of a growing interest form the market.

Dynamics partner Abecon

Abecon provides architecture, realization and support of business and IT-solutions  based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Abecon is specialized in various sectors and expanded the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform with industry-specific solutions. The product range of Abecon consists of an add-on for healthcare, commercial trainings and the publishing industry. Take a look at the Abecon proposition.

Valuable edition

The importance of a proper security and manageability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has grown over the last years, also sectors which Abecon operates in.

The combination of our specialist expertise and our in house developed software is the right tool to bring these factors to a higher level.

Complementary cooperation

Our industry-independent solutions can be implemented seamlessly on the (vertical) Abecon add-on. We share the core values: customer focus, quality and continuity. This is why this collaboration can be seen as a partnership that is good for both parties and the joint clients. The 2-Control products have no negative impact on Microsoft Dynamics environments and is ready for use.


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