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2-Control's sporty side shines

This month, the colleagues of 2-Control showed their sporty side during the company outing 'Your hobby, my hobby'. This phenomenon has become a beloved tradition, offering an opportunity for our colleagues to try out each other’s hobbies: From culinary delights in cooking to perfecting golf swings on the lush green fairways, we now added rowing to this list. For the second year running. 2-Control proudly sponsored a team of the Tilburg Student Rowing association, Vidar, where two of our talented colleagues are actively involved in the sport. These two ladies set aside their skilled rowing, and instructed the enthusiastic team from 2-Control to their first rowing strokes on the water.

After rowing, we ended the day well with a drink by the water at the rowing club, and a nice dinner at Den Hemel restaurant in Hilvarenbeek.

From team outing to team spirit

The success of the outing was a heartwarming indication of the strong team spirit within 2-Control. The day not only brought joy through the exploration of new hobbies but also served as a powerful reminder of the significance of supporting and encouraging each other's passions and interests. The enthusiasm shared during the event strengthened our bonds as a team. Together, we embrace each other's uniqueness and fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Join the team

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