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Colleague talk: Rian tells about her job as an office manager

What does an office manager do? We asked Rian van Lieshout what her position as an office manager at 2-Control entailed and what, according to her, makes it so enjoyable.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Rian van Lieshout. I am 36 years old and I have been working at 2-Control for several months. After studying Communication, I entered the business world where I gained a lot of experience in all kinds of areas: from HR-oriented matters and administration to internal communication and even setting up my own company. Eventually, I ended up at 2-Control where I like to refer to myself as “the jack of all trades”.

Can you tell us something about your position?
As office manager (or Jack of all trades), I am responsible for all kinds of matters. For example, I deal with HR matters and do contract administration. My duties mainly involve relieving the management and sales manager of administrative tasks.
I find it interesting that my position gives me good insight into the entire organization. I am often aware of all the things that are going on and therefore I quickly fulfill a connecting role between the different departments that 2-Control has to offer.

Can you tell something about what is “typical” 2-Control?
We all sit together at one table for lunch every lunch break. On top of this, we get to enjoy a nice organized lunch every Monday afternoon. Also, the short lines of communication and open communication from management to all personnel make 2-Control a unique organization to work for.

Why should someone choose to work at 2-Control?
2-Control is about to take a big step forward in growth (on every level) this year. Here are many opportunities to personalize your work, excel at what you are good at and get appreciation back from your colleagues.


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