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Authorization Box and Compliance apps: our software licenses explained

The Authorization Software offered by 2-Control consists of two categories: Authorization Box and the Compliance apps Field Security and Field Validation.

We like to keep the licensing structure for our software simple and unambiguous. Moreover, we want to be transparent about the actual usage so that you don't overpay. We also take into account where the software resides: with our customers or in the cloud? I explain why we made certain choices and how we keep it 'fair' for our customers.

What used to be...

It used to be very common to pay a one-time fee for software and then to pay an annual maintenance fee of 20 to 25 percent for as long as you used the software. That was no different for the software we offered for Navision....

About 5 years ago, that changed in the Microsoft landscape, with Business Central being purchased through a subscription model. You simply subscribe to a software service. We went along with that and have since adopted a so-called subscription model for the Authorization Box and Compliance apps.

However, we feel it is not 'fair' if every customer pays the same monthly fee: an SME paid the same as a multinational in this model. Pricing has therefore become user-based in 2020, in other words based on the number of active users with a license. This gives a better picture of the size of the organization and its level of usage.

Authorization Box

The Authorization Box license is modular. However, you do not need a separate license for each page, but you already have a large part at your disposal in the base. For example, you have Authorization Management and Authorization Monitoring by default, as these are relevant to a large number of organizations. In addition, User templates and Continuous Monitoring are available as extensions to the license.

In addition to user-based pricing, the licensing model includes another element to determine how intensively Authorization Box is used, namely the number of users and databases. By default, Authorization Box comes with 5 user licenses and 3 database connections. If you use Authorization Box more intensively or if you have a larger organization, that automatically results in more users, such as controllers who want to perform authorization monitoring, administrators to maintain the authorization framework and managers who need to approve user changes, and possibly more databases.

Because Authorization box is fully SaaS, license management is part of the service being purchased. 2-Control manages licensing in Authorization Box itself through pages exclusive to administrators.

Compliance apps

The Field Security app and Field Validation app are installed in the Dynamics environment of our customers and thus it always remains to be seen where the software technically resides - at the customer, in the partner cloud or in the Microsoft cloud. Nevertheless, we also manage the licensing of these apps in the Authorization Box. We do that through the registration of the Dynamics environment that you need to perform after installation. That registration is transferred to license management in the Authorization Box and a one-month trial license is associated with it. With that trial license, you get the same features at your disposal as with a "real" license and so organizations that find us through Microsoft Appsource can easily try out the app. Once a license is actually purchased, registration is linked to the contract.

Again, in addition to user-based pricing, the number of databases affects the license, as you pay a (tiered) fee per database.

In summary, with 2-Control you do not pay for functionality you do not use and you always get a fair price through our flexible, yet understandable licensing model.

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