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Field Security app: Field Visibility, how does it work?

2-Control has developed the Compliance suite for Business Central. This suite includes 2 apps that help you secure your data in Business Central: the Field Security app and the Field Validation app. In this blog, we zoom in on the Field Visibility within the Filter Security, which is a part of the Field Security App.

What is the Filter Security?

The Filter Security provides the functionality to filter data for users. The set up security features can be implemented for specific users. This is controlled by linking Authorization Sets to the security and users. The filter ensures that it is impossible for the users to work with other data from the table. The operation of the filters is similar to the application of filters in standard Business Central.

Filter Security uses two different principles to set up security on a table. These are mutability on the one hand and visibility on the other. The operation of these two different principles will be explained below using an example:

'We want to let specific users manage only certain suppliers based on the location code YELLOW.'

  1. Mutability: If a filter protection is set up based on mutability it means that users can only change suppliers with the location code YELLOW.
  2. Visibility: When a Filter Security is set up on the basis of visibility, users will only be able to see suppliers with location code YELLOW in the list.


When do you use these principles?

Both principles can be effectively deployed within an organization. The principle based on mutability can be used adequately when, for example, users are allowed to view the data of purchasing or sales documents but are not allowed to change them.
The principle based on visibility can be adequately set up for AVG-related information. Think of sensitive information related to files, suppliers or customers.

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