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5 tips to better secure your data

Data security is playing a large role in our lives due to the growing amount of available data and the high amount of time it takes to process these data. Data breaches, with or without malicious intent, are unfortunately commonplace. There are all kinds of ways to prevent data breaches. In this blog, we zoom in on five tips to strengthen your data security.

Back up regularly

There are many different ways you can store data, for example on hardware or in the cloud. It doesn't matter what kind of system you use. How the data is stored and processed within or outside the organization, determines to a large extent what measures need to be taken to strengthen data security. 

It can just happen to you that files are not saved. If you have not made a backup in the last 24 hours, the result is that everything your people have worked on today is gone. Various studies have shown that many organizations do not have a proper backup policy. To prevent possible data loss, it is therefore a wise idea to make a full backup on a regular basis.

Keep your corporate data safe (even on mobile devices)

Without the right measures, your company data is just out there for the taking. If devices are not adequately protected, they pose a great risk for possible data breaches.

(Sensitive) data is also increasingly accessed on smartphones and tablets. You should therefore use good antivirus software on all devices in your organization that are connected to the Internet. With, for example, Microsoft Intune you ensure that information can only be consulted on registered devices.

Reduce human error to a minimum

Many business processes still have to be done by humans. Unfortunately, humans are also the weakest link when it comes to data security. After all, people can make mistakes, intended or unintended. For example, by storing data incorrectly or deleting it by mistake. But data can also be deliberately misused.

We advise you to regularly check who is allowed to enter which data into Microsoft Dynamics. If you suspect that mistakes are being made, you can set up the process in such a way that a certain approval must first take place. You can also review and redistribute responsibilities and functions within the organization to reduce future errors.

Increase awareness within your organization

Make sure your employees are aware of the risks that arise when working with data. Employees usually work with sensitive company data, such as customer data or personal data. As mentioned, people are the weakest link in your data security. It is therefore very important to create awareness among your employees.

2-Control advises letting new employees follow an awareness program and repeat and test the knowledge regularly during their employment. An awareness program can inform and instruct employees how data is handled within your organization and who to notify in case of incidents.

Quick Scan: In 5 steps to reliable data processing

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