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How important are well-designed authorizations for you?

Authorizations: very important for you

Authorizations: very important for you

When we hear terms such as administrative organization, internal control and information security, the finance, controlling or IT department often takes the lead. But this is a shared responsibility of everyone who works with an information system: after all, it is meant to serve customers and other stakeholders.

Authorizations are an essential part for an improved internal control. And in its own way it’s important for every organization and it also has many advantages.

Good authorization management in Dynamics NAV or 365 Business Central is a requirement as well as an advantage for almost every role within your organization:


  • Preventing unauthorized transactions.
  • Preventing fraud.
  • Being able to manage the greatest financial risks optimally through segregation of functions.
  • Reliable figures.
  • Making internal control demonstrable for an external accountant or auditor so that he can rely on the information system.


  • Sound authorization management is of great importance for leave, illness and termination of employment.
  • Higher staff productivity.
  • Protection of personal data.
  • Connection of authorizations with job profile by Role Based Acccess.

IT department

  • Reduces the probability of errors because employees cannot perform unauthorized actions.
  • A well-designed and easy to manage authorization system saves the IT person or application manager a lot of time in correcting errors within the system.
  • Improvement of data quality through targeted data ownership.
  • Fewer questions because users can only do what they need to do.
  • Implementing updates and changes is easier because changes in a well-organized authorization system are easier to implement.

Are you not employed at one of the these departments? Good authorizations still do have an impact on you: less can go wrong and your work becomes easier due to the higher quality of information in the system.

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