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Do you know the quality of the authorizations in Dynamics?

Authorizations in your Microsoft Dynamics environment remain subject to change. Proces changes, staff rotation and leave are some of the factors that can quickly cause the authorization structure to become disrupted. Authorizations  in Microsoft Dynamics also need to be adjusted as a result of changed laws and regulations. Do you doubt the quality of the authorizations and do you want to be sure you're not losing control of your Dynamics environment?

We can help you with our Quick scan for Microsoft Dynamics by providing insight in the quality of the authorizations in your Dynamics environment in only one day. Your investment is only  €500,-.

Quick scan authorizations

By quickly revealing potential and current risks, you are able to act quickly. Gaining insight into the quality of the authorizations is possible with our Quick scan in just one day. 

We use Authorization Box to perform the Quick scan. Based on a specialized standard framework, we analyze an export of your own Dynamics authorizations. As a result, we deliver a report of the biggest risks and possible points of improvement.

Three simple steps

The Quick scan is performed in three simple steps:

  1. You create an export to Excel of your authorizations in Dynamics based on our template;
  2. Our IT auditor performs the Quick scan using Authorization Box;
  3. The findings are reported to you in a clear and understandable report.

The Quick scan authorizations can be performed for Dynamics versions 2013 till NAV 2018.
You can choose from two versions of the Quick scan:


Remote Quick scan

On-site Quick scan

Analysis based on our standard framework on one Dynamics company

Extension of analysis with up to 3 custom-made standards


Extension of analysis to up to 3 additional companies


Get acquainted on the job with 2-Control software


Report with findings

Advice meeting with application management and control





* You do not pay any additional license fees for this.

Result Quick scan authorizations Dynamics

As a result we deliver a report in which we highlight the main risks that emerge from the Quick scan. Depending on the chosen version and the (possible) identified risks, we will give you points of improvement for your specific environment.

Toghether we provide a secure Dynamics environment to get you back in control of your own internal organization.

Request your Quick scan authorizations!

Do you have any questions about the Quick scan or would you like to have it carried out? Please leave you contact details below. One of our authorization specialists will contact you as soons as possible.

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