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Importance of authorizations for the annual audit

Auditor and authorizations in Dynamics NAV

In the light of GDPR and the auditor's audit, well-designed authorizations are essential. Users, application administrators and functional administrators often spend a lot of time preparing for an audit. Our authorization software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central can assist in extracting all requirements from Dynamics as efficiently as possible and thus get through the audit faster.  

The auditor's management letter

When we talk to customers about authorizations in their Microsoft Dynamics environment, the auditor's management letter often turns out to be the reason to do something about it. But be aware that this should not be the only reason to get started. The auditor does not make substantive use of the data in Microsoft Dynamics, you do that yourself! Reliable information is essential for the proper functioning of any organization. Well-designed authorizations are therefore in your own interest!  

Segregation of duties in Microsoft Dynamics 

One of the issues that auditors deal within the Administrative Organization and Internal Control is the segregation of duties. The segregation of duties is the assignment of various steps in a process to different people. The intent behind doing so is to eliminate instances in which someone could engage in theft or other fraudulent activities by having an excessive amount of control over a process. Not surprisingly, segregation of duties is an important matter for the auditor. Insufficient segregation of duties without adequate control measures can lead to an unqualified auditor's report. An alternative is a costly manual audit of everything that has been done in the past financial year. 

Authorizations in Dynamics NAV & 365BC

Authorizations are the best way to set up segregation of duties within your organization. Authorizations determine the activities that users can perform within information systems. Different responsibilities and tasks are assigned to employees of your organization. Well-designed authorizations in your IT systems ensure that data cannot be changed by unauthorized persons, provide a manageable Dynamics NAV environment and support segregation of duties in the administrative process. The safety, integrity and reliability of you (financial) information in Dynamics depends on authorizations.

Do you know who holds which permissions in your Dynamics NAV environment? And do you know who has made changes and where you are most vulnerable? With standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV you lack clear insight into this.

Using our authorization software enables you to take appropriate measures. Authorization setup takes a couple of hours and administration is easy. To check the validity of the authorization structure, we offer the monitoring functionality. Useful for the auditor, but mostly for yourself!

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