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Field Validation in Dynamics: the most common issues

Field Validation in Dynamics

For the effectiveness of your business it is very important that master data in Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central are correct. Fully and correctly filled fields ensure an increased quality of the information and increase the reliability of the data from Dynamics. This results in an efficient and complete flow of information. 

Field such as booking groups, valuation method and payment conditions must therefore always be filled in correctly. If this is not done correctly, risks may arise.

We see a lot of issues around field validation:

  1. Missing or incorrectly entered dimensions. This results in incorrect bookings and analyses of, for example, sales figures.
  2. Variations of articles, such as shape, measurements, colour, weight, etc. that were not (properly) entered in the production process. This can lead to incorrect and/or delayed production or incorrect delivery.  
  3. Incorrectly filled customer cards where master data such as name and adress, contact person, VAT number, etc. are missing or incorrectly filled in. Or an incorrect format has been used to fill in the data, which means that these data cannot be used by external applications.
  4. Invoicing on the basis of incorrect price agreements or price groups.
  5. Invoicing in the wrong currency, because the curreny code on the invoice is different from the currency code on the customer card. 
  6. Use of old VAT booking groups, general ledger accounts, etc. for new documents. For example 6 and 19% instead of 9 and 21%.

Field Validation for Microsoft Dynamics and 365 Business Central

The above problems can easily be solved with our add on Mandatory Fields for Microsoft Dynamics NAV or with our Field Validation app for 365 Business Central. With our software you can:

  • Make fields mandatory or filled in according to a predefined value;
  • Indicate what the minimum and maximum lenght of the input should be;
  • Indicate what the minimum and maximum value should be for numeric fields;
  • Blocking master data after modification to allow a colleague to view and unblock it;
  • Indicate per field whether it is modifiable or not;
  • Keeping fields on documents ,that are filled on the basis of acquired master data, identical to this master data. E.g. keeping fields on a purchase invoice that are copied from the article and supplier card the same as the source data in Microsoft Dynamics. Think of preferred bank account, payment method, etc.

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