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Authorizations are for you own good, not for the auditor’s sake!

Auditor and authorizations in Dynamics NAV

The annual audit is often the reason for revising the authorization setup of Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, there are far better reasons to look into this: an audit gives a snapshot at a certain moment in time, while unjust operations are possible every day.

You are the user of the data in your system, not the auditor. Any impact of unauthorized changes is experienced by your organization, the auditor only reports on what he sees. Security and reliable information is essential for properly functioning of any organization. A well designed authorization setup and thorough authorization management and control is in your own interest!

The anual audit is near

One of the matters that auditors deal with within the Administrative Organization and Internal Control is segregation of duties. Segregation of duties is the division of responsibilities (roles or permissions) between different officials.

This prevents multiple conflicting tasks from being executed by the same person. A good segregation of duties creates conflicts of interests between departments, a transparent organization and reduces the chance of fraud and errors. Lastly, you can be more at ease because there will be less  malversations.

Unsurprisingly, segregation of duties is an important matter for the auditor. Inadequate segregation of duties without adequate control measures may cause an auditor to give you no unqualified statement.

The alternative is a costly manual check of everything that has been done during the financial year. Not something the business owner, CFO or controller looks forward to.

Auditors and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Authorizations are the best way to set up segregation of duties within your organization. Authorizations determine the activities that users can perform within information systems. Different responsibilities and tasks are assigned to employees of your organization.

Well-arranged authorizations in your IT systems ensure that;

  • Data can not be modified by unauthorized persons,
  • Ensure a manageable Dynamics NAV environment and
  • Support segregation of duties in the administrative process.

Authorizations in Dynamics NAV

Do you know who holds which permissions in your Dynamics NAV environment? And do you know who has made changes and where you are most vulnerable? With standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV you lack clear insight into this.

Using our authorization software enables you to take appropriate measures. Authorization setup takes a couple of hours and administration is easy. To check the validity of the authorization structure, we offer the monitoring functionality. Useful for the accountant/auditor, but most importantly for yourself!

Want to setup permissions in the correct manner in Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central?

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