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Automatic user settings in Dynamics with User Templates

User Templates is an extension to the Authorization Management module of the basic subscription to automatically maintain other user-related (security) settings in addition to object authorizations.

Authorization Box - User Templates extension

The User Templates module is an extension to the Authorization Box™ - Basic module and helps you easily set up flexible, user-related tables in Dynamics Business Central.

User Templates benefits


Automating user settings.


Fully tailored to your business needs.


All user settings in one template per role.


Convenience and saving valuable time for IT administrators.

User Templates Microsoft Dynamics

Simplify your IT management

With tables, you determine how you want records to be populated, according to your business needs. This automates any manual effort required to configure user (security) settings, such as when a new user needs to be created for a new employee, or when the role of an existing user has changed within the company.

For example, if your company has sales employees, Authorization Box - User Templates allows you to easily authorize new sales department users as sales employees in Business Central. All authorization sets required for salespeople are then automatically assigned to the new users. In addition to authorizations, User Templates also allows you to automatically create a record for each new sales associate in the Sales Associate table in Business Central.

User Templates for Microsoft Dynamics | 2-Control

Discover User Templates

Authorization Box - User Templates makes IT management much easier by automatically applying all related user settings to each new or existing employee, based on the role they perform within your company. 

Want to know more about the convenience of User Templates? See User Templates in action during a personal demo. 


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