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Field validation software

Complete and high quality data is important for efficiënt and complete flow of information. By applying field validation in Dynamics NAV, you prevent incomplete data and gaps in the internal data processing.

The Mandatory fields module allows fields to bed filled in or according to predefined values.

No more incomplete data

When creating new items, customers and suppliers, it is important that fields such as booking groups, valuation method and payment conditions have been completed before they are used. Self-managing master data can be very time consuming. On the other hand, it is for correct handling of (internal) assignments that the master data is correct.

The Mandatory fields module allows fields to be filled in a standard way, or, for example, direct items can be blocked in the absence of the correct value in a field.

Users will receive a notification and the possibility to add it in case of incomplete data entry. Depending on the settings you have chosen, you can perform the appropriate operation.

Increased data quality

By filling in a field mandatory or by certain value, you increase the quality of the internal data provision. In this case, the warning or error messages are flexible and as desired.

Adjustable on user level

All settings for Mandatory fields al adjustable on user and role level.

No customization needed

The Mandatory fields module is easy to install and implement.

No more gaps in data processing

After implementing the Mandatory fields module, users are bound to the settings you specify. The available data is complete.

Compatible with all NAV versions

Mandatory fields module is compatible with all Dynamics NAV version of NAV2009R2 up to version 2017.

No performance issues

The use of the Mandatory fields module does not have impact on the performance of your Dynamics NAV environment.

Increased work comfort

You can decrease the risk on manual errors with Mandatory fields.

Field validation for Dynamics NAV

Mandatory fields

  • Enhance data quality with field validation
  • Unlimited number of NAV users
  • One time fee



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