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Authorization app for Dynamics 365 Business Central

For thorough security and control, authorizations must be implemented to a detailed level. Apply field, filter and action security for a professional security of your Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.

The Field Security app allows "waterproof" segregation of duties.

Field Security app

Field Security is a 2-Control B.V. extension and provides the solution for implementing segregation of duties by setting up authorizations on field, filter and action level. We enable you to setup a more secure and compliant Dynamics 365 Business Central environment. In many environments users need to be restricted from reading parts of the data, e.g. prices on orders or G/L accounts.

The Field Security app enables you to restrict users from reading data by hiding records.

Refine and manage authorizations up to field, filter and action level

With a decent authorization setup on field, filter and action level you can enhance the security and internal control of your organization.

With the Field Security app you can:

Easily refine authorization up to field, filter and action level.

Authorize groups of users to filtered records for editing or viewing.

Allow initial filling of fields in order to enable usage of master data templates.

Segregate permissions for tables that are used for multiple tasks.

Refine and optimize your authorizations.

Authorize on almost every action in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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