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Field- and dataset security: security on individual fields and datasets

TSegregation of duties in Microsoft Dynamics requires a solid authorization system. Authorizations need to be set up on a detailed level. By refining the authorizations to field and dataset level, users are able to take responsibility for their executed tasks.

The Field- and dataset module is the solution for implementing 'waterproof' segregation of duties.

Field and dataset security

Authorize fields separately in Dynamics NAV

The Field & Dataset security module allows each field to be separately authorized. It also makes it possible to filter (i.e. only items with raw material booking group) and to pre-fill fields. It is then impossible for users to change these fields. The module also makes it possible to completely hide fields.

The Field & Dataset security module protects a field or dataset without customization, per table. You can link a data owner to each field or dataset security. Then you can choose: all fields modified (except for a number of fields) or all fields not modified (except for a number of fields). This way, you don't have to manage a lot of security checks for fields and datasets.

Benefits Field & Dataset security

Authorize up to detailed level

Easy refine the onject authorizations to fields

Adjustable on user level

Authorize groups of users to filtered records for editing or viewing.

No customization needed

No need for customization. Field security functions with standard and customized tables.

Pre-fill fields

Pre-fill fields whereafter it's not possible to change them

Applicable on all NAV versies

Field security is compatible with all Dynamics NAV versions of 2009R2 up to NAV version 2017. With a downgrade, the software is appliacable with older Dynamics NAV versions.

No performance issues

The use of the module Field security has no impact on the performance of Dynamics NAV. Tere are data transactions needed becauase all required data is stored during the loggin proces.

Hide fields

With adding a small code you are able to hide fields.

Free software demo Field & Dataset security

Curious? On the left you will get a first impression of field and dataset security.

Do you have questions about authorizing on field and dataset level? Request a demo free of charge and without obligation. We will then demonstrate Field security to your specific questions and wishes.


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