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Security software for Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an intelligent and user-friendly ERP solution that supports and simplifies your business processes. However, Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not support security and manageability.

The 2-Control software offers you the complete solution for all your security and control issues within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Easy-to-implement and user-friendly solutions that improve the security, manageability and data quality within your organization.

System oriented control

Enhanced internal control

Prevent fraud

Prevent fraud

Table, field, dataset security

Assign, manage and monitor the authorizations

  1. Quickly create permission sets.
  2. Easy and flexible user management.
  3. Monitor the quality of the authorizations.
  4. Quikly and easily activate the secured cloud solution.


Authorize on field - dataset level

  1. ''Waterproof segregation of duties''.
  2. Refining the authorization up to field- and dataset level.
  3. Adjustable on user and role level.


Field validation

  1. Enhancing the internal data quality.
  2. Apply field validation by using filters.
  3. Different types of errors and warnings.
  4. Applicable on user and user group level.


Autorisatie cyclus

Authorizations in Dynamics NAV, the easy way

From the design of the authorization structure to building permissions sets and from authorization management to monitoring the quality of the authorizations.

Standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not provide efficient and complete support for authorization matters. With our total solution, we provide user-friendly support for the full cycle of authorizations and enable you to improve internal control and quality of internal data provision.

  • Quick authorization device
  • Easy user management
  • Insight into authorization

Do you know who has which rights? Who has changed setting in the authorization structure? Come in with us and get back '' in control ''.

Security and Audit solutions

Authorization Box

This cloud solution puts an end to the complex and time-consuming process of authorizations. The application simplifies and speeds up the full authorization process within Dynamics NAV. From the design to the management of the authorizations.

Advanced functionality and ease of use allow you to reduce the time of authorization assignment from a few weeks to a few days.

You know who has which rights and who granted them. You are in control! again.

Field- dataset security

Segregation of duties is only possible if the authorizations are refined to field and dataset level.

By applying authorizations not only on table level but also to specific fields and subsets of your data, you strengthen the authorizations and also the internal control.

The integrity of the data is guaranteed and possible fraud is prevented.

Mandatory fields

The Mandatory Fields module allows you to apply validation to fields.

Fields must be filled in a standard way, or, for example, direct items can be blocked in the absence of the correct value in a field.

No more gaps in your internal data processing, your data will be complete and correct.

Support for finance issues

Inventory reconciliation

Quickly insight into the connection between your subdirectory and your ledger administration. Simply stock, match, cover costs and revenue with your ledger.

  • Easy reconciliations between sub ledger and general ledger
  • Insightful analysis per period
  • Insight in historical reconciliation and current settings


Cost allocation

Simply book costs in the right period or cost center. Simply allocate costs to a period or cost center they really relate to, even on the basis of preliminary calculations.

  • Cost postings simply assigned per period or cost center.
  • Cost postings over multiple periode.
  • Postings are automatically processed


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