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2-Control software

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an intelligent and user-friendly ERP solution, but it doesn't support the security and manageability of your operational processes.

Do you know for example: Who has which rights? Who has made changes and where you are most vulnerable?

The 2-Control software offers you the complete solution for all your security and control issues within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our solutions are easy-to-implement and user-friendly and improve the security, manageability and data quality within your organization.

System oriented control

Enhanced internal control

Prevent fraud

Prevent fraud

Total security and control of Dynamics NAV with authorization software

Assign, manage and monitor the authorizations

  1. Quickly create permission sets.
  2. Easy and flexible user management.
  3. Monitor the quality of the authorizations.
  4. Quikly and easily activate the secured cloud solution.


Authorize on field - dataset level

  1. ''Waterproof segregation of duties''.
  2. Refining the authorization up to field- and dataset level.
  3. Adjustable on user and role level.


Field validation

  1. Enhancing the internal data quality.
  2. Apply field validation by using filters.
  3. Different types of errors and warnings.
  4. Applicable on user and user group level.


Autorisatie cyclus

Supporting the full authorization cycle

Do you know which NAV user has which rights? And who can change what?
With standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV you don't have insight into this.

With our software suite consisting of Authorization box, Field security and Mandatory fields we offer user-friendly support of the full authorization cycle:

  1. Design: designing an authorization structure
  2. Build: building the authorization structure
  3. Refine: refining the authorizations on field- and dataset level and increasing the quality of internal processes
  4. Manage: managing the authorizations
  5. Monitor: monitoring the quality of the authorizations

Come in touch with us and get back "in control"! 

Field Security app 2-Control

Field Security app for Dynamics 365 Business Central

With our Field Security app we enable you to set up a more secure and compliant Dynamics 365 Business Central environment. With this app we offer the solution for implementing segregation of duties by setting up authorizations on field, filter and action level.  

Questions about our software solutions?

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