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Finance experts

IT auditors have traditionally provided a bridge function between control or financial functions on the one hand and ICT functions on the other. From this background and the specialization on Dynamics NAV, they have very extensive experience on the financial aspects.

Closing financial administration

As financial experts, we always have the generic goal of closing your financial records. We aim to realize a throbbing and clear financial administration that meets your needs.

Software solution for Dynamics NAV

In establishing a closing financial administration for Dynamics NAV, we make use of our own software in addition to our experience and professional knowledge.

We offer a software solution for inventory connection and cost sharing within Dynamics NAV.Simply book costs in the right period or cost center. Simply allocate costs to a period or cost center they really concern.

NAV 2-Controlware module Cost-allocation allows a booking to be distributed over a predetermined period. For example, consider an annual invoiced amount that you'd rather divide over the months in which it relates. Annual invoiced amounts will no longer interfere with your monthly reports.

Are you dealing with a financial issue?

Our consultants have vast financial knowledge and can support you with a wide variety of financial issues.

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