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IT audit support

Audit support for companies

IT plays a crucial role in our lives. That's no different in your organization. Organizations have become increasingly dependent on computerization for running business processes. We understand that organizations want to focus on their core business and that they are increasingly outsourcing automation to specialized service organizations. In the case of outsourcing, it is assumed in many cases that all tasks are in accordance with an agreement, often based on trust alone.

Information security is a hot item and appears, even more often, in the news. Several developments contribute to the increasing importance of information security:

  • More and more organizations are applying automation, which also increases the number of risks.
  • Many automated systems are connected to the Internet. This entails many risks.
  • When connecting internal systems, risks arise as a consequence of the non-ordering of the systems.

If hackers access your system, all personal and company data can be spread very fast. In addition, hackers can make adjustments in the system or damage the entire system. The importance of data security is greater than ever before.

We can provide you with insight into the security risks that we can jointly determine which measures should be taken.

Audit support for accountants

IT auditing is a specialist within the audit field. As your IT audit partner, we can take the lead in putting down a thoughtful plan of approach to properly integrate IT audit into your process. This allows you to better serve your customer in the financial statements, but also in interim audits.

Audit approach

Our goal-oriented approach can quickly focus on the risk areas that are most important to you as an accountant. Together with you, a clear approach determines which of your customers are in need of IT auditing expertise.

Your clients want a fully completed audit. This may mean that the customer is dealing with questions about automation. If you do not have enough knowledge and experience to solve these issues properly, we will be happy to assist you.

Examples of audit questions:

Are the available general IT controls sufficient to ensure the continuity and reliability of data processing?

Is the design of the rolls and rights structure in the ERP application sufficient to achieve proper control of technical division of functions?

Which application controls have been implemented to ensure the completeness and reliability of data processing?


Do you have a question? Get in touch with one of our IT audit professionals. We are pleased to help you.