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We support organizations with the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and provide an understandable and organisation-specific approach. We always aim for a pragmatic approach with quick and useful results. You will be starting with a concrete tool for further independent implementation.

Privacy AVG GDPR

Does the GDPR apply to you?

Unlike privacy laws in some other jurisdictions, GDPR applies to organizations of all sizes and all industries. In other words, there's a very good chance that you will have to comply with this.

The law applies to: 

  • a company or entity which processes personal data as part of the activiteis of one of its branches established in the EU, regardless of where the data is processed; or
  • a company established outside the EU offering goods/services or monitoring the behaviour of individuals in the EU.


AVG Compliant

Complying with GDPR

GDPR implementation is an organization-specific process. To avoid a scattergun approach, it is important to take a targeted approach. You can do this by mapping out the current situation of your organization with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation by means of an GDPR Compliance Scan. 

The 2-Control GDPR Compliance Scan gives you insight in the required level of compliance for your organization. Based on our findings and recommendations, you can use our scan as a baseline measurement or as a starting point for the implementation of GDPR in your organization.


Implementatie AVG

Implementation GDPR

We can support you in preparing for GDPR compliancy with:  

  • a GDPR Compliance Scan
  • a Privacy Impact Assessment.
  • a Third Party Memorandum.
  • supervision of GDPR implementation
  • supervision of ISMS (Information Security Management System).
  • perform a penetration test (pentest).

GDPR compliancy

Curious about the impact of GDPR on your organization? Discuss it with our specialist.