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Information security is crucial for every organization. It is therefore increasingly necessary for organizations to demonstrate to various stakeholders, such as supervisors or administrators, that they have organized their information security properly. 

2-Control can use IT audits, based on different standards, to demonstrate the quality of your information security. This gives organizations that use your services a greater degree of certainty regarding the performance and quality of your services. This results in IT audits for your own organization in a report of findings or in an assurance report for third parties.

In addition, our experienced IT auditors can also act as a sparring partner for putting your information security in proper order, varying from supporting you in setting up the necessary policy documents and procedures to carrying out baseline measurements that give you quick insight in where you stand and what steps you still need to take to be able to meet the requirements relevant to you.

Types of assurance reports

ISAE 3402 audit 2-Control

ISAE 3402

As a service organization, it is irmportant that you have all your internal control measures in order. By means of an ISAE 3402 report you provide clients with an objective report that expresses an opinion about the control environment of your organization. This prevents various clients from conducting an IT audit on your company. 

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SOC 2 Audit 2-control


With an SOC 2 report, an IT service organization can demonstrate to its customers that it has a adequate internal control measures in place, complies with all standards and is therefore competent and reliable. 2-Control can help you with this report specifically for IT service organizations.

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