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The data that is stored in your database should be well protected. Insufficient security can lead to loss or theft of data. The extracted data can then be exploited, for such as identity fraud. Due to recent incidents, the aspect of privacy protection is more important than ever before. 

Information security relates to many branches with IT service organizations in particular. The 2-Control auditors can conduct a data security audit and provide you with an assurance statement which demonstrates the quality of your data security. 

The 2-Control team consist of ten enthusiastic and motivated professionals. Our registered IT auditors have more than 20 years of experience in assessing and conducting IT audits in both large and medium-sized businesses.

Types of assurance reports

ISAE 3402 audit 2-Control

ISAE 3402

One of the most effective ways a service organisation can communicate information about it risk management and control is through Assurance Reporting (e.g. ISAE 3402). The purpose of such a report is to provide clients with an objective report that expresses an opinion about the control environment of a service organization.

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SOC 2 Audit 2-control


Companies want certainty that their external service providers have internal controls that are designed effectively and operating as intended. A SOC 2 report can provide this assurance. It demonstrates the reliability and continued integrity of processes and procedures that are in place.

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