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Dynamics NAV internal control checklist

Internal control checklist Dynamics NAV

Reliability data processing

For the continuity of all business activities, company information must be correct and complete at all times. This is a prerequisite for efficient operations and indispensable for a solid foundation of a secure and controllable organization.
It is therefore very important to take necessary measures.

Before you take any measures, you need to know what the internal control satus of your organization is. You can do this by asking yourself the following questions about;

Procedures and working instructions

a. Are tasks and responsibilities clearly defined in procedures?
b. Do your procedurs have clear objectives and activities to monitor them?


a. To what extent are the current authorizations within Dynamics NAV in line with the tasks and responsibilities of your employees?
b. How many users have the authorization set SUPER?

7 Steps to reliable data processing

In order to ensure that all your company information is correct and complete at all times, it is important that you check the reliability of your data processing. Organizations often lack a clear approach and tools to properly monitor this continuous process.    

Therefor 2-Control has developed an internal control checklist. This checklist serves as a tool for checking the reliability of your data processing in Dynamics NAV. Regardless of the type of company or sector, you can use this checklist as a starting point for taking the right measures.

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