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Authorizations in Dynamics NAV: our tops and tips!

Autorization tips Microsoft Dynamics NAV

By being risk-aware, you can translate trust into assurance. You are in control of your own organization, on an operational, tactical and strategic level. This provides you with the best growth opportunities.

A tight administrative organization and internal control contributes to this and can be achieved by a proper authorization structure.

Segregation of duties in Dynamics, you’re doing well

We don’t need to tell you this. With the implementation of Dynamics NAV, you have already ensured the segregation of duties by setting up authorizations and you ensured that these authorizations are properly monitored. You also have a good idea of the quality of the authorizations and can therefore easily account for them internally and externally. You are completely in control.

Authorizations in Dynamics, you can do better

Are you not one of these companies, but do you have the desire to improve the security and control of your primary IT system, Dynamics NAV? Then ensure a powerful and controllable authorization structure!

Setting up authorizations is not a routine job and requires specialized know-how. The complexity should not be underestimated. And the budgeted investment and the desired result should not be lost sight of..

For the best result, we advise you to go through the authorization cycle. The authorization cycle consists of the following steps.

  1. Designing
    • In the first phase, you start with the functional structure of the authorizations. You specify how you want your functional organization to be structured and this is translated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
    • In order to design the authorization structure, the necessary authorizations for Dynamics NAV are determined top-down and based on interviews with key users.

  2.  Building
    • As soon as all permission sets are clear, they are built and grouped according to duties/functions(?). For a simple approach, we use the Authorization Box.

  3. Refining
    • With regard tot he authorizations built, it is decided which refinement is required. This is done with object authorization and on field and dataset level. Our Field and Dataset Security module is used for this purpose.

  4. Managing
    • In order to maintain the realized authorization structure and make everyday authorization management as simple as possible, we use the authorization management functionality in Authorization Box.

  5. Monitoring
    • For the quality of the authorizations, a standard framework will be drawn up which can be used to check the authorizations. This involves monitoring segregation of duties and possible conflicts when assigning permission sets. This is also done with the Authorization Box.

Security of Microsoft Dynamics, our tips

In order to distinguish a good authorization project from a perfect authorization project, we have twenty tips for you. Follow these tips and make sure you don’t miss anything. A professional autorization structure in within reach!

Request your authorization tips below.

Request your authorization tips!

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