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Authorization monitoring

Monitoring Dynamics NAV

The NAV 2-Controlware module Authorization Monitor identifies conflicting rights and helps to prevent function to conflict in Dynamics NAV.

Within Microsoft Dynamics® NAV environments, monitoring the quality of the authorizations is very complex. This module enables you to easily monitor the quality of the authorizations and to signal conflicts.

Benefits Authorization Monitoring:

  • Is linked to the Authorization Manager module
  • Determines normative powers
  • Determines conflicting powers
  • Clear insight into the division of functions (access rights) within the organization.
  • Simply monitor the quality of authorizations
  • Strong means of auditing
  • Prevents precious customization
  • Full transparency in NAV authorizations

Insight into Segregation of duties

Authorizations must be set up according to the concept that employees or organizational functions are responsible for a particular set of data. In addition, authorizations must ensure a proper segregation of duties. Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not provide functionality for monitoring these issues. With the Authorization Monitoring module, we introduce the ability to continuously monitor and analyze the quality of authorizations based on competences and predefined conflicting rights. The module enables data owners to take responsibility for their data set and provides insight into risks arising from improperly implemented segregation of duties.

Monitor your business processes

Within Authorization Monitoring, your business processes can be fully integrated with the tools to monitor your authorizations per process. In order to enable users to take their responsibility as data owner for a particular data set or task, you can define competences with critical access rights for the data owner. By linking a competence to a user profile, you can easily monitor the set access rights over the allowed access permissions through our analytics screens.

Feature separation no longer a '' black box ''

Reasons for improved segregation of duties are: internal control, hierarchy, mandatory guidelines and legislation or setting standards. Most Dynamics NAV users recognize the need for segregation of duties, but are unable to perform this. Authorizations are experienced as a "black box". Authorization Monitoring lets you define and monitor conflicting powers. User-friendly analysis screens allows you to determine whether users are authorized to perform certain tasks that should not be invested in one person and act accordingly. Authorization Monitoring opens your black box of authorizations. We advise at any time to enable the change log to the authorization tables (default NAV). Then we provide the Autorization Management and Autorization Monitoring analytics screens that allow you to visualize the audit trail.

Suitable for all Dynamics NAV versions

All features of the add-on NAV 2 Controlware are fully integrated into Dynamics NAV and are suitable for versions of 5.0 and higher.

Microsoft Dynamics cloud solution

Looking for a cloud solution for managing the authorizations? Check out Authorization Box, our total solution for all authorization issues.



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