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Authorization management

NAV 2 Controlware Module Authorization Management enables you to quickly and easily set up and manage your Microsoft Dynamics NAV authorizations at the level of operations.

This module enables you to create a user profile or profiles and target the level of your organizational functions.

Advantages Microsoft Dynamics module

  • Authorizations organized at the organization level
  • Quick and easy management of roles and rights
  • Consistency in competences
  • One management environment for Windows and database users
  • Prevents precious customization
  • A clear authorization dashboard
  • Assign and manage rights and rights (in bulk) (access)

Authorization management Dynamics NAV

The Authorization Management module creates an additional layer between the default user roles (also known as authorization sets) and users in Dynamics NAV, called user profiles. These user profiles can easily be created and then organized at the level of your organizational functions. For each user profile, you only need to link the relevant user roles once. This restricts the management of authorizations / permissions to link users to user profiles.

Suitable for all Dynamics NAV versions

All functions of the Authorization Management Add-on of NAV 2 Controlware are integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and are applicable to all NAV version 5.0 through Dynamics NAV 2017.

Microsoft Dynamics cloud solution

Looking for a cloud solution for managing the authorizations? View Authorization Box.


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