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Authorization management Pro

NAV 2 Controlware module Authorization Management Pro is a valuable addition to the Authorization Management module. This will further simplify management of roles and rights, and you can control all your authorizations from one central point.

This module provides you with a direct translation of your organization structure to Dynamics NAV, from which you can create and manage all necessary authorizations.

Advantages in a row:

  • Authorizations based on your organization structure
  • No missing authorizations after posting
  • To set up future authorizations
  • Ideal for authorizations for temporary observation / absence
  • One management environment for Windows and database users
  • Works seamlessly with the Authorization Management module

Advanced Dynamics NAV authorization management

The starting point of Authorization Management Pro is a direct translation of your organization to Dynamics NAV. The definition of which user-related tables must be created can always be derived from the organizational structure. You can easily organize the organizational structure flexibly and hierarchically in a way that best suits your organization. Then you can define flexible authorization templates for each table in Dynamics NAV, including add-on or custom tables. The templates allow you to decide how you want the data to be filled in. Authorization management Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to define all actions that need to be performed.

Suitable for all Dynamics NAV versions

All features of the add-on NAV 2 Controlware are integrated into Dynamics NAV and are suitable for versions of 5.0 to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

Microsoft Dynamics cloud solution

Looking for a cloud solution for managing the authorizations? Check out Authorization Box, our total solution for all authorization issues.


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