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About us

Kantoor 2-Control

2-Control is a security and control specialist and is active in the Microsoft Dynamics and IT audit landscape.

Thanks to years of experience and outstanding knowledge in IT auditing, software development and consultancy, 2-Control has the capacity to bring the effectiveness and reliability of the automated information services to a higher and customer-level level.

History 2-Control

From 1995 to 2004, Arno Mouwen at PwC performed the position of Senior EDP audit manager. In this position he was responsible for PwC's Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers. In 2006, he made his ambition by listening to his vision of IT auditing and Dynamics NAV and 2-Control.

Rogier Haest joined the same year, after which 2-Control has become a renowned IT audit organization with many successes from an international customer base.


Support organizations to improve the effectiveness and reliability of automated information provision (generally and those of Microsoft Dynamics in particular) using proprietary software and specialist consultancy.


The knowledge and software of 2-Control is used internationally by organizations to improve the administrative organization and internal control with compliancy as a generic purpose.


2-Control is located in a characteristic building full of history. In the Hague Market in Princenhage, the former Council House dates from 1792. Until the annexation of Princenhage by the municipality of Breda, the property has always been used as a council house of the municipality of Princenhage. From 1998 the property was made available for offices and the execution of marriages.

The team

Driven and enthusiastic experts form the 2-Control team. Discover the faces behind 2-Control here.


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