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2-Control IT auditors are members of NOREA

The Dutch Order of Register EDP Auditors, abbreviated NOREA is the professional association for IT auditors in the Netherlands and manages the registration of qualified IT auditors. Arno Mouwen and Rogier Haest are members of the professional organization and are allowed to claim the protected designation RE.

At present, NOREA has1700 registered members, the Registered IT auditors (RE's). All members have explicit requirements for registration. These requirements include the succesful completion of a recognized post graduate course on IT auditing. All NOREA members have the professional resources o tackle a wide range of assignments.

NOREA aims to:

  • Contribution to the quality of the profession
  • Contribute to the development of the profession
  • Protecting the common interests of members

The NOREA has a Code of Conduct based on the Code of Ethics of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), where NOREA is also affiliated.

Assurance assignments are performed in accordance with the IFAC framework and the Guidelines for Assurance Commissions. The IFAC-NOREA Directive 3000 imposes requirements on the quality and execution of the assignment, the content of the assurance report and the manner in which it is formulated.

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